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Newsletters for August and September

It’s October already. Spring flowers are in full bloom and it’s time for a newsletter again, for the months of August and September. In term 3 our schoolchildren worked hard and did some excellent work and many parents commented on how much these classes have helped with their children’s German language skills.

Next term we have some big changes coming up. Marie, who has been our wonderful teacher for the school- and playgroup is now on maternity leave. We thank her so much for all the time and effort she has put into these classes and can’t wait to have her back when the time is right. For now, we wish her all the best for the new arrival to her family and hope she will enjoy this very special time.

We are very lucky that Andrea Knott has decided to take over from Marie. Andrea has been in New Zealand since 2019 and came here with her husband. Andrea is a trained child educator and has experience working in different types of Kindergartens and childcare centre’s. She is an open-minded person, is welcoming and organised. We are very lucky to have her and we are sure that all our children will have a wonderful time with her. Willkommen Andrea!

If you would like your kid(s) to attend the school group for term 4, please sign up here and pay the $100 fee by the 16th October. Due to the growing demand in the school group, we are unable to guarantee a spot for your child.

As for the playgroup, the stamping cards are valid until the end of term 4. However, moving forward, starting term 1 in 2023, we will discontinue the card system, and the playgroup will be offered on a termly fee basis. If you have your stamping cards, please don’t buy new ones, but come and talk to us if you still need to pay for some remaining sessions.

Memberships and Committee

We are looking for more people to become members of our committee. We need more people to be able to operate and make decisions. Please sign up and become a member, it’s $10 a year and you get your say and input into what we are doing, you can sign up here, and if you have any questions just talk to us.

Furthermore, with a heavy heart, we have to accept that Tobias our DC president and treasurer and his wife Dineke our secretary will be going back to Germany next year. Therefore we now have to start looking for people who are interested in taking on the roles of president, treasurer, and secretary. We are happy for those to be shared roles as we all have busy lives. We NEED people to fill these roles as DC can’t otherwise operate. If you are interested in doing any of these roles or know of anyone who might be interested please let us know. It’s still a bit of time until they move over for good but we thought it’s important to put the word out there.

Also, Tobias has finished his Master’s thesis and many of you have participated in his survey, if you would like to read the end product please let him know and he would be happy to share it with you.

Finally, we are busy preparing for the 'Kids Disko Party' on the 12th of November from 3-6 pm at the Dutch Society and we will provide some more updates for that soon.

Please check out our Facebook events page here to stay up to date!

If you haven't already - like our Facebook page below and join our community group, where we post regular updates!

Hope to see you all soon and enjoy the spring days.

Your DC committee

*Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Goethe-Institut Neuseeland

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