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Newsletter October/November 2022

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all well and you are enjoying the warmer weather. Here comes our latest newsletter for the month of October and November.

In November we held our first ever Kids Disco-Party, thank you again to The Bavarian Lady and MyBretzl for the delicious Lebkuchen and Bretzl snacks. We are so lucky to have you! Even though emotions ran high when playing musical chairs ;) the kids all showed us some great dance moves and we hope they and all the adults enjoyed their time.


Andrea has had a wonderful time with her family who visited from overseas and Tobias, Dineke, Franzi and Miriam had to step up and do some teaching for our DC school group. We enjoyed doing these sessions but are very grateful that Andrea will now take over again for the remainder of the term. As for the playgroup we had the room open for the usual time slot on a Wednesday and we know that some families still met up and even organised to do some arts and crafts during some of those sessions. Thank you so much for doing that, it’s great to see how we all come together to live our German culture and spend time with each other even when we are short of a facilitator to host the play- or school group.


We also would like to invite you all to a little Christmas party as a combined activity of the playgroup and school group at the end of this term on the 14th December from 4pm to 6pm. All children in the school group have received a little note today, can those children please practice the sentence on their paper and learn it by heart for the Christmas party?

Also; in two weeks its ‘Nikolaus’ and of course he will make a special stop at our German group. Can you please bring a little bag for your child on the 7th December (only edible gifts please and maximum worth of $10) for the Nikolaus surprise?! We will remind you all again next week.


Also we would like to know if anyone in your network would be interested in selling at our co-organised European market? The Netherlands Society Christchurch together with Deutsch in Christchurch will be organising a European Market on 12th February 2023 at the Netherlands Society Cultural Center, 637 Marshland Road, 10 am to 2 pm. We are looking forward to having a large range of culinary delights, delicatessen and arts and crafts on offer from all corners of the European continent, and for this reason we are looking for stall holders to participate on the day. If you are interested, please get in and fill in the Google form through the link below.

Register here: Form

More info here: Facebook event

It is important to know that there is limited availability of electricity at the Netherland Society Christchurch and electricity usage requires payment of $10 to them for businesses interested in selling at the European Market. Also, businesses need to bring their own equipment to securely set up and run their market stall.


Phew that was a lot and I think it is enough information for now.

Have a lovely evening everyone and see you soon.

Your DC committee

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